The game changing ProVisualizer programme is FREE to use on and it offers so much value....But we see so many Golfers and Coaches not understand how to use it or are unaware of many of its hidden features and the effect it can have on their game ... So we have brought you a solution! Our live webinars were so popular that we decided to put together an online solution that you can work through at your own pace and then give access into our private Facebook group to ask any questions and receive support. Sign up today to our FREE video series



You have probably already visited and are looking to use it to its max.. Don't worry if you haven't,..our series of education videos will take you through all the relevant areas and give you all the detail to be able to map any golf course in the world if you are a regular player, along with all the extra game development tools if you are a coach/instructor. Stop trying to change your swing and start to change how you think.


Programme Navigation

You will learn how the programme works, how to put your player profile together and locate any of our 3000 plotted courses, any hole anywhere in the World.

Course Mapping 

In 2D/3D learn how to Set Tee Positions, Flag Positions, measure targets off the tee, widths of fairways, green dimensions to just mention a few.

Dispersion Pattern

What makes our programme unique is that you are able to simulate the approx shot dispersion pattern for players at all levels and lay it down on the course.

Course Planners

Once you have mapped the course we will show you how you can send this to a player or a coach and how you can turn this into your own course planner

The online training is split into several bitesize 10/15min lessons and totals around 90 mins of learning. On sign up you will also be invited across to a private Facebook Group along with all the others Coaches/Caddies and Golfers that have taken our online programme. We also offer College/ National Teams a webinar training programme, please enquire for further details on price.

Main features include:

  • Over 3500 mapped courses
    worldwide with quick access
  • Personalised bag with yardage
    calculations built in
  • Elevation change with adjusted
  • PC/ Tablet compatible
  • Multi measuring tools & Green Grids
  • Pre Built 3D links to Google Earth
    Visualisation and fly-overs
  • Varying ball dispersion patterns based
    upon shot link data, NEW Customised dispersion patterns
  • Print out Course Planners feature
  • Facebook Community


"I was looking for a tool that my players could use to help with tournament preparation. I coach so many competitive golfers all over the world and to be able to use Provisualizer with my students to create a game plan for courses is invaluable. I especially like the interactive components that can adjust tee shots, approach shots with a simple click. Many of my students use Provisualizer as a tool to review their game plan the night before a tournament. This leads to confidence and commitment with their course strategy."

- Rick Sessinghaus, Coach to Collin Morikawa, 202o USPGA and 2021 Open Champion

"I love using this tool to give me a feel of the golf course and start to form a plan. ProVisualizer is so much easier than trying to plot strategy on Google Earth. Combined with the knowledge of good strategy the two things combined have taken 10 shots off my game in the past 12 months.."

- Roger Smith, 12 Handicap (New York, NY)

"I mainly use this with our tour pros, mini tour pros and full time amateurs to describe and ‘visualise’ strategy. It’s been a really good way to conceptualise course strategy to ones individual game and take out indecision and making poor ‘emotional’ decisions . Great bit of kit!"

- Zane Scotland, Coach & Former European Tour Player (Surrey, England)

"Absolute Game Changer! I'm so excited about using this with my players & teams. The simplicity with which I can help them map a Golf Course they haven't seen is a different level in this industry, combined with the visualisation and dispersion tools will give them such an edge over other competitors"

- Rob Watts, England U.18s Head Coach (London, England)

Frequently Asked Questions

We've got A's for your Q's

Who is this for?

Whatever the standard of Golfer, coaching and improved scoring opportunities will be created. Our system is used in many different ways by all levels of Golfer. Some Golfers like to see courses before they visit, some like to follow along with the PGA Tour on TV. Caddies and players like to get their first look at a new course or begin to put a strategy together with the shot dispersion. Its been used by major champions to 32 handicappers, its for everybody.

Do I need the education programme?

We feel that there are so many benefits to the education programme and ways to help you get more from ProVisualizer that for FREE its a no brainer. But many of our users like to have a play with it first and work it out themselves and that's great. But if you want to get access into our facebook group and learn all the shortcuts and added features, you need to undertake the training course.

How much does it cost?

We have charged up to £79.95 for this programme, however we are currently giving it away for FREE to help you get the very most from Provisualizer. You will also receive any updated information on hidden development features or updates within the group. Any further questions please ask

What if my Golf Course isn't on ProVisualizer?

We now have over 3,500 courses that are pre-mapped, but any course or combination of courses can be plotted and shared inside of 15 mins along with your chosen tees and variable flag positions. You can also request your course to be officially mapped and added to our database via the request feature on the website.


There’s no better time to add to your coaching toolbox or prepare to go play that course you have never seen before. This will help you understand why the best players often don't fire at flags and will help you understand your own tendencies.

Over 100 Coaches have been through our live training webinar with a 97% recommendation rate, which is why we have taken it online for amateurs and coaches like yourself, to work through at your pace and to help golfers manage their own game.