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5 STAR Rated service for Golf Instructors

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Let's Redefine the Future of Golf Instruction.

It can be lonely out there coaching on your own. Do you ever worry when your diary goes quiet? Wonder where your next client is coming from? Struggle to keep hold of clients onto long term programmes or not sure how to build a community of online clients. We know that sometimes you work so hard that you aren't spending time with your loved ones!

WE have experience of all the above and we can help guide you to a more successful coaching career. So if you need help with finding clients, keeping them or just getting Results we can help you.


How we help

The Golf Coaching Business is a consultancy with over 20 years experience that helps Golf Coaches from all over the globe maximise their Coaching income whilst meeting the perfect Work/Life balance. We have a team of PGA Business Professionals waiting to work on your coaching game.


We help you establish your unique selling point and support you with our resources of social media tools, website building, marketing funnels and email templates to ensure your branding and marketing matches the quality of your coaching.

Business Development

Every business is unique but we pride ourselves on the fact that every coach we work with grows their business and establishes a strategy that works for them. We'll help you with converting discount pricing to coaching programmes, show you how to increase your potential for repeat clients and to keep your diary full and booked in advance.

Work Life Balance

Our consultancy service helps you to find the best solution to meet your financial targets and your future plans. Being more organised, maximising time and income, and taking time off with automation in place gives you that opportunity to make more money, and take more time off. Remember your time is valuable.

Consultancy Pricing

Choose the plan that fits your Business 


from £60 p/m

  • Lead Magnet
  • Data Capture Funnel
  • Facebook Group Support
  • Social Media Library
  • Bonus: 20% off Consultation calls
More Info

Need more? You can upgrade at any time, please call for prices worldwide.

Support/ Mentoring

from £150 p/m

  • 4 Consultancy / Strategy calls per year
  • Social Media Database & Programmes Library
  • 24/7 Email/WhatsApp support
  • Full Access to Silver Marketing Programme
  • Bonus: Lead Generation Form


from £195 p/m

  • 4 Consultancy/strategy calls per year
  • Facebook Group/Ads support
  • Online Coaching Support
  • Access to marketing library & templates.
  • 10 Ind Logo Mock Ups and Intro Logo Video
  • Marketing Dropbox
  • Bonus: Full access to Gold Marketing Programme (Value £79 p/m)

" I was really impressed with the programme and the value given. The information was, in my opinion, ‘cutting edge’ and immediately could be implemented."

Dr. Paul Schempp / University of Georgia

" I’ve never had my diary booked up 6 weeks ahead of time before, it’s crazy. I now understand the questions to be asking clients and how to move them to monthly programmes! " 

- Robbie King / Loch Lomond, Scotland

Meet your new team.

Let's hop on a quick, free call and talk about you, your business, and opportunities.

Social Media Images for Golf Coaches

Social Media Support

We know how important social media interaction is and also how time consuming it can be for Golf Instructors. So we came up with a solution.

Keep in touch with your clients

We created a library of images for Instagram and Facebook that is available as a free add on with our consultancy programmes or can be purchased for your own use. Click here for more info.

Steve has a wealth of knowledge in how to market yourself as a golf coach, from advertising, how and what to offer, the best times put out content or marketing material/offers, to little things such as presentation and wording that catches a potential clients eye.

He also offers a great service to take care of things that you may not be too clued up on or know the best way to go about, to help get your business noticed. In short, if you need help filling your coaching diary, Steve is your man!

— Warren, London

Meet Steve

This is Steve. He's our Head Coach consultant and owner of the Golf Coaching Business. Steve is an Advanced member of the British PGA with over 25 years coaching experience having coached all level of players from national titles to getting to single figures. Currently working with the England Girls Regional programme.

Steve has developed a reputation in Europe as a go to coach for helping professionals develop their coaching business and getting that work life balance. He has held numerous training workshops/seminars for national PGA bodies and coaching conferences across the world. Steve also walks the talk In how to fill your diary, with a lead time of over 3 months for a lesson and 100's of lessons already scheduled into the next 12 months.

Schedule a consultation to get an honest opinion on how we can meet your needs. Or email us on

From Your Palm to the Lesson Tee

Social Media Support

Odds are, you have a smartphone. Your customers most likely do too. We also support Golf Instructors with attractive landing pages and websites that drive new leads and showcase your skills.

Creating Ads That Work

A few tips and tricks that we use when creating content, finding audiences, and converting clicks to cash with digital ads.

Our Process

The Golf Coaching Business works a little more personal than most business consultancies. We are still golf coaches living the same life as you, helping players get better, filling our diaries and have all been through the same we know it works.

We begin with a free initial analysis and consultation to determine where your business is today and which stage of your development plan needs the most attention.

We'll then work with you to select which consultancy service will be the most beneficial for your budget, timeline, and goals. Then, we assemble your team, book your strategy call and then get to work.

Long story short...

The job isn't done until you're seeing the promised results. We believe so deeply that our process works that we only ask for a minimum 6 month commitment on our top programme to give us time to move your pages up the rankings and grow your communities and launch your coaching programmes. No commitment on our consultancy calls. So get in touch today as we offer exclusivity in your area.

Let's work together

Our team is excited to start developing your Golf Coaching Business.. Get a free initial consultation to chat with one of our Golf Business hackers, inspire ideas, and learn how our process works.